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Billionaire reality TV star-turned-Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has a long-running spat with out comedian Rosie O’Donnell, repeatedly mocking her weight and appearance.

Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton was dragged into the spat during an appearance on late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, when she was challenged to read Trump quotes without laughing.

Like most moms, I’m always busy,” says Leelee Sobieski, taking a break at her neighborhood park while her duties as jungle-gym chaperone to two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Louisanna (Lewi for short) are assumed by her husband, designer Adam Kimmel.

“Giving Lewi a bath, buying milk, cleaning something, making some decision, reading weird baby blogs, worrying I disciplined in the wrong way.” In other words, being a mom, which she has more time to do, having eased off acting projects for a while.

Do you want a ‘You’re Fired’ President or a ‘You’re Hired’ President?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for several months, and the former No Doubt star has revealed that her new single, "Make Me Like You," is about her "Voice" co-star and boyfriend.

"You promised me you were going to stop [expletive] my girlfriend. It was then that comedian Tracy Morgan entered the show revealing himself to be the father. Molly then confronts the bitter rivals stating, "How can either of you satisfy me when all you really want is each other?

Not because we are guys, or lads, or men, but because we are fathers, we're sons, we're husbands, we're lovers, we're grandsons, brothers, to women we already love."So although I completely believe that [men] should support gender equality because it's right and fair and just, I think we also have to tell men there are personal reasons why you want to do this, and you already know how to do it - it's not like you have to learn something from me, it's that you have to listen to your own heart."Kimmel, who has spent many decades working on gender equality for both women and men, said engaging men was essential: “We cannot fully empower women and girls without engaging boys and men.“I don’t follow directions, but I make good experiments—they usually involve a lot of cheese.”The backdrop for all this normalcy is a 4,800-square-foot Tribeca loft Kimmel moved into in 2007, filled with an extraordinary collection of works by Raymond Pettibon, George Condo, Theodor Seuss Geisel (a.k.a. Seuss), and seminal figures—if not household names—of the 1960s Los Angeles art scene, like John Mc Cracken, Ken Price, and John Altoon.“A majority of what we have is from personal relationships,” says Sobieski. Russian officials must be laughing even more at the constant negative press covfefe! But that didn't stop comedians and celebs — and the rest of us from jumping — on it.” Clinton initially good-naturedly took part in the segment, reading quotes from Trump claiming he is “never wrong” and that he is “the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women”.


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