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Unlike Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which focus on the actions of a single lifetime, Hindu belief centers on a continuous process of birth and rebirth that ultimately releases the true self from the limitations of body and the ego – a freeing of the spirit called moksha.

That process includes a release from sensual experiences, including sexuality.

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Dating to 6,000 BCE, the Vedas constitute the oldest scripture in the world.

In Hindu belief, deities can take many forms, but all combine in the universal spirit of Brahman.

In our classes, we have spent an ample amount of time on the concept of caste.

It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. In April 2013 a vegetarian gujarati rugby player popped up in one of my searches on Asian Single Solution.

Dasa said that when he started out, there were few Hindu priests in California.

Dasa is willing to customize ceremonies to fit the wishes of the couple.

When Neil Bajpayee, a Pennsylvania-born Indian-American, made his vows in Sanskrit to Stephanie Young, a Californian raised in a non-religious family, he became the first member of his family to marry a non-Indian, non-Hindu. Along the way, he also became a devout practitioner of Hinduism. Decades later, weddings have become Dasa’s main business. But as South Asian communities have grown in the state, so has the demand for wedding officiants. One foot in both worlds “The Gujarati priest will work with the Gujarati community, the Punjabi priest will work with the Punjabi community, and so on like that,” Dasa said, “The typical scenario for me is, a young Hindu boy or girl goes off to college, falls in love with a Jewish, Christian or non-Hindu partner and wants to get married. Call the priest who can put one foot in both worlds.’” Dasa, who is on faculty at the Claremont School of Theology, applies classroom-teaching skills while officiating weddings, taking time to explain Hindu customs.

Shukavak Dasa, the Hindu priest marrying the couple, had seen it all before. He took an interest in Eastern religions as a teenager, then studied Sanskrit and Indian studies at the University of Toronto, where he earned a Ph. Then in the early ‘80s, he performed his first Hindu wedding. He is based in Riverside, where he is the head priest of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple. But word of mouth has made him a go-to officiant for Hindu mixed-religious weddings, not just in Southern California, but also worldwide. During the Bajpayee-Young wedding in Pasadena last May, he coached the bride’s parents through Sanskrit prayers and explained the symbolism behind the small flame, the flower garlands, and each part of the ceremony to the diverse crowd.


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