Dating a starving artist

“It was always in the back of my mind as something that would be an issue.

Over at Wall Street Oasis, a blogger writing under the pseudonym Bankerella has stirred up quite a controversy by rating the suitability of men in finance for extremely busy women in investment banking.

Between the expense, the expanse, the traffic, and the never ending hustle.

People on the outside want to believe that everyone in LA is a struggling actor, a starving artist, or an actually starving model and we’re all too self involved to function.

This dating site for artists uses a complex algorithm that is based on 50 levels of compatibility.

This will ensure that you will find an artist with similar needs and traits.

But for those who have starved and/or struggled to sustain an income from their art, there is a little bit of a dark side to this career choice. Some struggling artists suffer from feelings of inadequacy.

Some have been ridiculed by or looked down upon by other family members, usually because they have not earned respectable income.

And while you may have used this phrase to deprecatingly describe yourself, there’s no ignoring that it usually carries a negative connotation.Truth be told, a lot of families, friendships, and relationships have been strained due to the starving artist problem.Whether any of this hurt is justifiable or not, it is and has been a historical reality in our society.200 years later, the “starving artist” still struggles to earn a consistent, stable income from their art. Make no mistake about it – earning a consistent living as an artist is truly a dream.There are not many entrepreneurial professions that allow someone to creatively express their vision and turn it into a sellable product that subsequently touches people’s lives. And so if one is able to earn a living from it, it is undeniably one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling career choices one could make.The popular artist site deviant ART has launched a new dating site for artists called deviant HEART.


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