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In the Seduction Community, dating coaches teach men how to attract and seduce sexually attractive women.

This paper argues that in spite of the manifestly hedonistic goal of sexual conquest, disciplinarian and ascetic values permeate the discourses and practices of the Seduction Community.

About 18 months ago, I was in a strategy meeting with my publisher.

There were about 7 people around the table — all women. “There’s a huge sub-culture of guys who help other guys learn how to be more confident and get a girlfriend,” I said.

For better or worse, the advent of modern technologies and the decline of courtship and traditional dating have seen a transformation of the dominant approach to romantic relationships.

The pervasiveness of ‘hookups’, or uncommitted sexual encounters, among emerging adults was demonstrated by a 2012 piece titled Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review, published by the American Psychological Association.

Personally, I have many friends who could benefit from some coaching.(Most of publishing is women.) We were discussing which markets to promote my book to, and we’d discussed all the obvious ones: Men 24-35, women, moms, parents, etc. “I want to talk to the pickup artists.” The room got quiet. “They’re all interested in self-development and psychology — which is exactly what my book is about.” “Ugh,” somebody else said.“Is this like those guys who ‘neg’ women to try to take them home from bars? Pickup artists (PUA) have gotten a terrible name — and rightfully so.Before us is the work ethic famously described by Max Weber; albeit in a form that is diffused, fragmented, and “applied” to twenty-first century dating.____________________ Introduction In the early twenty-first century, the international self-help movement seems more wide-reaching than ever before.If you want to be a [The game] in general, this is the best place to start. ORDER THE MAGIC BULLETS NOW I just read Mystery’s method and was very surprised. I can see where, when perfected, which means making it look natural, this would be deadly.


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