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South Manchuria Railway Company quickly expanded the system inherited from Russia to staggering proportions. Under the control of the Japanese and with 30 years of development, the Fushun area became a highly industrialized area.

Often found sleeping, pandas are their liveliest during morning feeding times, so plan your trip accordingly.In a city where the international food culture is still quite young, Shenzhen has a number of well-known and well-populated Turkish restaurants.Many of the Turkish restaurants in the city are centered near ...It suffered gravely during the Great Chinese Famine of 1959–61 but remained China's most populous province until Chongqing Municipality was again separated from it in 1997.The people of Sichuan speak a unique form of Mandarin, which took shape during the area's repopulation under the Ming.Fushun was in a depressed state for near one-and-a-half centuries of the early Qing dynasty.


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