Who is lil wayne ex wife dating fonzworth bentley dating

They have a three-year-old son named Neal Carter, and even recorded a song together.

This page is for anyone who wants to know more information about Lil Wayne‘s family.

Weezy makes sure that all of his family are good and he must do a great job, because you never hear any of his family talk negative about him (which happens a lot with celebrities and their families).

What you also need to know is that even though Wayne has four children with four different baby mothers, he keeps all of them happy and close together.

She gave birth to Wayne at 19-years-old, which was during the time that she was graduating from high school.

All of her life, Cita has loved to cook and has worked as a chef.

Memphitz recently moved to LA, leaving her behind in ATL. but we're told Memphitz will let Toya file the papers.

According to recent updates Hardy got violent and attacked at least 3 police officers but the reason for his odd and aggressive behavior is still unclear. Unfortunately we hear all the time about players getting violent with their love interests, do you think is this the case? In 2009 he was romantically linked to Lil’ Wayne’s baby momma Toya! According to his profile from the University of Indiana, the son of Jeanie Summerville was born on Dec. The two-time recipient of the Tiffany Gooden Award, given to the most outstanding male or female player in The Summit Athletic Conference as chosen by The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; led Fort Wayne Elmhurst to a Class AAA state runner-up finish in 2002-03 after averaging 23 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

According to his Linked In profile he is currently a model for Sports & Lifestyle Model @ Sports Lifestyle Unlimited a 20-year-old agency focused on supplying models who represent an active lifestyle.

We're told Memphitz -- who appeared with Toya on the BET reality show "Toya: A Family Affair" -- no longer wanted to be part of a "celebrity marriage." For him, it's now all about career.

this week Lil Wayne, an honor roll student AND high school dropout (though he did get his GED,) gave an order to his fans, AND his children to finish school, even though he doesn’t regret dropping out himself. Wayne revealed that it was his mother who actually suggested that he quit school and get his GED after she found out he was carrying a gun in his backpack for protection. Just how many children does Lil Wayne have, and who are the babies’ mothers? They met outside a corner store in their hometown of New Orleans when they were young teens, and she got pregnant with their child when she was only 14.


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